Piedmont is Italian for the “at the foot of the mountain” area is not only beautiful, but it is also the perfect wine country.

It covers an area of 25 399 km², and has approx. 4.4 million inhabitants.

The Aosta Valley in the northwest of the region belongs to historical and geographical Piedmont, but constitutes an autonomous region. To the north, Piedmont borders Switzerland, to the west to France, to the south to Liguria, to the southeast to Emilia-Romagna and to the east to Lombardy.

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  1. Belonging to Piedmont
    Barbera is a blue grape whose home region is Piedmont in northwestern Italy. Most famous are the districts of Alba and Asti. It is also grown in other places in Italy, such as Sicily. Outside Europe, barberry is grown in Australia, the United States and South America.
  2. “The people’s grape”
    Wines at Barbera are often called “il vino del poppolo” which means “people’s wine” in Italy. One explanation for this is that barbera is a grape that many people like, the wines are often easier to appreciate than maffy and rough nebbiolo wines and the price tag is much more wallet-friendly are the neighboring wines from Barolo and Barbaresco.
  3. Trendy
    Traditionally, wines on barbera have had a lower status in Piedmont and have been overshadowed by big brother nebbiolo. Barbera has been a grape grown in large volumes and the wines have often been enjoyed young. But now it is being experimented with in the vineyards and the trend is towards lower yields (smaller harvests) and storage in small French oak barrels that provide structure, concentration and clearer tannins. More and more people are discovering the potential of the grape and it is growing in popularity.
  4. Excellent food wine
    Shaving ravines go well with classic Italian cuisine, pizza, pasta & cold cuts. But since it is also a softer wine, it is suitable as a mingle wine before the meal. If you like to cook with mushrooms now during autumn and winter, shaving is a good choice in the glass.
  5. Find a chance!
    Barber wines are usually priced lower than their neighboring wines made from nebbiolo. Here you have a great chance to find finds that are of high quality at a wallet-friendly price.

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