Nothing is quite as good as white wines from Burgundy

A lot of good white wine is made in the world. But nothing is quite as good as white wines from Burgundy.

Burgundy is thus located in eastern France. In this small spot of the globe, they have had incredible luck with temperature, climate and soil – at least if you are going to make good wine. – When i have the time i will make a guide of Burgundy.

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The golden strip where the wine is grown is called the Côte d’Or. The area is only 7-8 miles long (and not very wide). Through hundreds of years of growing grapes, every patch of land has been given a name. The plots of land, or vineyards, have been carefully classified.

The vineyards are divided into four types. It is in descending order:

  1. grand cru
  2. premier cru
  3. village viner
  4. regional appellations

Grand cru wines from Burgundy are considered the world’s best white wines by most wine connoisseurs. Burgundy is also divided into smaller regions. One of the areas is called Meursault. And this is where my super wine comes from.

Why Meursault?
I began to notice that the best white wines I drank had a taste and aroma I could not find anywhere else.

I guess those who are less interested in wine than me could guess that something was wrong. Eventually I realized that was what the experts meant when they said “petroleum”.

It can scare the minds of people. – Petroleum? Gasoline, like? In the wine?

But this strange, wonderful scent you get hooked on. It turned out that the wines from Meursault were the ones with the clearest petroleum character.

And thus I was sold – and broke. It’s not just me who likes petroleum. The coveted wines rarely cost less than 30 dollars.

In Meursault there are no Grand Cru wines. However, the best premier cru wines (Les Charmes and Perrières) are often considered to be as good as Grand cru.

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